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You have to see it to BELIEVE it.

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I just wanted to share something with you a question came in to our coaching portal yesterday and I thought it was a very good question I want to share with all of you.

The question was whether or not you need to have a signature system in your coaching, consulting, or online program. The truth is no you don't need one - but you really should have one, and I want to show you exactly why that is.

If we look at the journey that the client takes between the time they realize they have a problem that needs addressed, and the time that they meet up with you, we can call this "a journey to belief" . This makes sense because they need to believe you can actually solve the problem.


So when we start this journey to belief when they first start all the prospect knows is that they have a problem. A problem they can FEEL. It might not be the world's toughest problem and it might not be agonizing at the time. But they have a frustration or a pain they need fixed.

On your end, you've already recognized it as a problem they're one of your potential clients for the future. But right now the don't know you. They just have a problem.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you put out some content regarding this probelm. Maybe you write a blog post or do a YouTube video. Eventually the prospect picks up on that and they hear you talk about their "symptoms"! And because they hear you talk about their symptoms, then they understand their problem has a name. It's an actual "thing" that other people are dealing with - and they their ears perk up!


They start to listen. Now....I don't know about you, but if you've ever gone to a doctor and you know you have some symptoms and immediately, the doctor says "oh yeah that is X", and they put a name on - there's this relief because as soon as you know there's a name for it you also start to think there must be a treatment or a solution somewhere!


Now your prospect starts to understand that not only do they have this problem, and that they're not alone, but there's a solution for the problem

And that's great. I think a lot of coaches and consultants do this much.

But a signature system can show them how you are going to help them! If you have something you can show them - if you can show them the steps they will take to solve their problem, then they begin to see. They begin to see exactly what you're talking about. You are not just sending words anymore. They get an idea of your method. And since we are visual beings....that goes along way!


We can now even go one step further! They may see that you have a method but they may not yet envision themselves in it. But if you have a signature system and it's visual and you can pull it out and craft a conversation around it, they can envision themselves walking through the journey that that you provide.

A signature system is a map that shows your prospect your solution is more than a method; it's more than just a course; it's more than just content!

We have to understand that people only buy one thing ever.

We have to understand that people only buy one thing....ever. They buy a transformation. and if you can walk people through your system they can see they're going to be going on a journey. And when they can picture themselves walking on that journey from their problem to your solution, they begin to BELIEVE!

That's really what we're looking for! We want them to actually believe in you, yes. But also believe in your system.

So if you're stuck and people aren't believing in what what you're doing, this can do wonders for you and your coaching business. Create a master method for yourself and a map that shows your potential clients EXACTLY where you're gonna take them!

Ok....so if you haven't done this already I would really really encourage you to do so. AND if you need some help with it I'd love to help you.

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