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Why Your Ideal Client Isn't Buying Your Stuff || Marketing for Coaches

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

If people aren't picking up what you're putting down - in other words - if they're not buying your stuff, it could be because you're offering the right thing to the right person the wrong way

Let's take a look at how that can happen.... let's start to fix it.

I see a lot of coaches with great online coaching programs - and I mean phenomenal programs - that just aren't moving. And if this is you and people just aren't catching on and grabbing ahold of your stuff it could be because you're offering the right program... but the wrong way.... even if you're speaking to your ideal client.

So I want to take just a couple minutes to show you something that may change the way you offer up your marketing message and get better results. Sound good?

Let's take a look at exactly what motivates people to buy a coaching program....

The first thing you really want to do is make sure that you've defined your ideal client....some people call this your client avatar - it's a semi-fictional or maybe totally real ideal client you really love to work with and who would love to buy and utilize your product or service.

If you haven't done that yet and you'd like to.... there is a free template and a video in The Coaches Roundtable Group (It's free). Once you've done that and people still aren't grasping on, a lot of times it's because you're not connecting with the actual reason they would want your program, service, course, etc.

So let's take a look at some of the real reasons people take action....

First, people need to live. People need certain things just to survive.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs goes into this in depth, so this isn't brand new but it's something that you may not be thinking about when you're putting out your messaging for you coaching programs.

So again, the first level - people haver to survive. They have physiological needs. They need air, food, water, shelter, etc.

People Need Safety. They want to be safe and secure.

People want to feel secure in that they're not going to lose their job, or lose the resources they've managed to obtain along the way. They don't want to lose their health or the vehicle that helps them take care of their work and family activities.

People Want Love and Belonging. They want love and belonging. They want friendship, and family - a sense of connection. They want intimacy and the feeling of being part of something outside of themselves.

People Want A Better Self Esteem. People do things for self esteem and self-image. They buy things to make them more socially acceptable, or professional. They buy things to make them feel better about themselves - and to make others feel better about them!

People Want to Be At Their Best. People want to become the best version of themselves. This is not about how we look to others or how do we see ourselves but being the best version of ourselves we can be. This is called Self actualization. It's realizing our potential.

So why is it important to understand these levels of motivation? ....

As coaches engaged in coaching marketing, we often deliver a message about "A", when someone is really looking for "B".

This mismatch can really cause problems so you will want to make sure that when when your developing your messaging or your offer, you know who you are speaking to and the the specific reason they would buy. In other words, what step along the ladder are they living in currently - and how is your program going to address that need.

For example let's say I am selling a Mercedes. Here in the U.S., Mercedes Benz in considered one of the luxury vehicles.

When you sell a Mercedes you're not selling a car.

Why? Because people who are buying a Mercedes aren't buying a car. They're typically buying esteem.

It makes them feel good.

It's a luxury.

They're not doing it so they can survive.

They're not doing it because they feel safer.

They're not protecting their home or finding a true friendship or intimacy.

They're buying self esteem, status, recognition, etc.

They want to feel good about themselves and the Mercedes allows them to do that - and there's nothing wrong with that!

Now...you wouldn't sell a Mercedes to someone who is in the survival (physiological) stage of their life....

... they're not going to hear you.

That is not gonna resonate with them.

'Hey.... are you struggling financially day-to-day? Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? This Mercedes is just what you need!"

Nope. You get it. That's kind of an exaggerated example, but the same holds true with marketing your coaching business.

If you're a fitness coach right, ask yourself why your ideal client needs a fitness coach.

Sometimes someone will get a fitness coach for self-esteem reasons (they want the best abs at the beach), sometimes for safety reasons (recent health scare), or sometimes for self-actualization (part of being their best self).

But if you're program is a program for six-pack abs..... you can probably stop talking about how it will help them be their best self!

Listen.... the people who are gonna buy the six-pack ABS program they're not doing it to be healthier... they're not trying to live their best selves. what they want is to have people come up to them at the beach and throw quarters off their stomachs to see how far it bounces!

So you want to match your messaging to to where your ideal client is along the spectrum of needs.

If you're a wellness coach, what is your ideal client trying to do?

Are they trying to be the most that they can be?

Are they trying to increase their self esteem?

And sure... there is some overlap. But you want to dial in on what your ideal client specifically is trying to do - and let that drive your messaging.

So give that some thought. If your messaging isn't resonating, it's likely because you're not selling the right thing....

You could be selling the right product but you're not selling the right "thing" with your messaging.

Remember, if you're selling the fancy car by talking about the speed and the horsepower and the tires and the blah blah blah..... nobody's buying that.

They're buying the self-esteem, the recognition, the status.....

.... even if they don't know it themselves!

If you're selling your "build a body that will last the test of time" program and you're talking about the six-pack ABS when this person is barely just trying to survive after having a heart attack - your selling the wrong "thing".

If you're selling your high-end business coaching program and talking about the benefits of a $2k a month mastermind group when this person is just considering starting in the coaching business but worried about safety...your selling the wrong thing.

I remember the first mentor that I ever had after getting into the coaching business - the first training program that I ever paid to get into.

I had started my consulting business I was down on my luck - things weren't working -things weren't clicking.

I was becoming more and more broke by the day, but I bought that first program that taught me how to market and sell my coaching business.

I was at a safety need level - right?

I was at this level and the marketing resonated with me because it spoke to wanting to be secure personally and have financial security.... how to begin to get more clients and employment that is under my control. It spoke to having a house that I didn't have to worry about paying the mortgage for - all of that stuff.

That's what the messaging was....and it matched exactly where I was at that point in time in my life.... and bam!

It resonated.

So if if you're putting your message out there without results.....it could be because you're selling and you're messaging benefits and the features but you're not messaging the solution that you're providing to their current status up that pyramid.

We're all somewhere along that pyramid at some point in our lives.

Nobody just starts at self-actualization and stays there. We're usually born our best selves, decline and then spend our lives struggling to find our way back up!

So take a look at your messaging.

See if the words that are on the paper or email are matching the journey status of your ideal client.

If you'd like some help....

Jump on into my private group - The Coaches Roundtable so we can talk about all this stuff even more! You can do that by clicking here.

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