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Why You Don't Need Coaching Credentials to Start Your Coaching Business

I would like to put an end to this conversation that I see wasting so much time and so much energy for so many coaches and consultants who are looking to build and grow a coaching program. Hopefully after this video you'll no longer get sucked into this conversation. I'm gonna give you three key points as to why you need to stay out of it and one tool that will make this conversation totally irrelevant for you.

This conversation is about the difference between a coach, a consultant, an instructor, a mentor and an advisor - and whether or not you need a credential for any of these in order to start your coaching business!

First of all let's tackle the one simple question first"

Do you need a certification to start your coaching program

...and the answer to that is a simple no. You do NOT need one unless it's some type of medical license, or mental heath practice or something similar. But typically, you do not need any credential in order to get started.

I'm going to give you three reasons why that is true.

First of all - nobody really cares!

Outside of the industry; outside of the coaches, consultants, instructors, and advisors - nobody really cares about the credentials!

I want you to listen to me. I'm saying this from my heart I'm saying this because I care about you and your business and I don't want you to get sucked into this issue! The clients that are hiring you want one thing- they want a transformation. They have a problem and they want it fixed. If you can help them, that's all they care about - so please, please focus on that piece of the puzzle. Take every bit of energy that you've been spending wondering what credential you should have, or maybe feeling a little bit inadequate because you don't have a coaching credential, or wondering if you should call yourself a coach or a consultant or an advisor - take all that energy and just do this.....

I want you to focus that energy on defining what problem you solve. Because if you can do that then little else matters.

Secondly, if you can define somebody's problem and you can communicate that you understand their problem, that will get you a lot further than listening some certification on your website. As a matter of fact if you can describe their problem better than they can - then you have no worries. You're starting to build the know-like-trust bridge and that's what's important while building you coaching business. A certification isn't gonna get you there. Understanding, empathy and a solution is what's gonna get you there.

Finally, I hear a lot of coaches or consultants or advisers or trainers wondering what they should call themselves. Ugh. The answer is..... it really doesn't matter! As a matter of fact you need not call yourself anything !

I want to ask you to focus not on you, but on them! I want you to focus on the people you aim to serve - the people that you aim to help. Don't say what you are; say what you do - how you help!

If you look on my website - if you go to kevinssmith.com - it doesn't say "I am a coach". It doesn't say "I am an instructor". It doesn't say "I am a mentor". It says "I help coaches build coaching businesses".

If I go to your website and you're a fitness coach, I don't care if it says you are a coach or not. If it says "I help entrepreneurs make time to fit fitness into their life" - I'm into that! if it says "I help entrepreneurs eat healthier when they're always on the go" - I'm into that!

So I want you to look at your copy and your materials and I want you to ask not what you should call yourself, but what it is that you do for your clients. No certification is necessary for that!

Now, stop all the emails!!! I don't want a bunch of emails about how I'm putting down certifications because I'm not! I have credentials. I know a lot of other coaches who have credentials. I'm just saying that there's a lot of different ways that you can get good. And, yes.... training is important and you have to know what you're doing! If you get in any of our programs - be prepared to be world-class! But it's not the certification that's important; it's not the title.

I have an agenda for my students. And a lot of the certification programs teach that the agenda should always be the clients, and the job of the coach is to ask probing questions and lead the client through a thinking process to solve their ownn problems.

Well, I have an agenda for my clients! My agenda is to help them build a business that functions - to show them how to build a business that scales. My agenda is to guide them in creating a business that that can produce more free, more revenue and allows them to make a bigger impact for their clients! So I have an agenda.

If others don't want to call me a coach - they don't have to call me a coach! My website still says the same thing - "I help coaches build scalable coaching businesses".

So I want you to focus on what you do not what you're called.

With all of that being said, if you want some help putting the building blocks of that stuff together I urge you to download the 99 Days to Freedom Roadmap right here. I encourage you to browse through it and make sure you have all of the key components in place. If you have this stuff in place, and you know what problem that you solve, then you can do very well without any certification whatsoever.

Oh, and don't forget to checkout the 99 Days to Freedom Web Class! It's free, and it's awesome. Check it out here. All the best,


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