• Kevin Shabaar Smith

3Cs of Killer Content Creation

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

One of the most difficult things about designing a great program for your clients is creating content that works - and content that sells.

If your program content is not engaging, nobody comes on onboard, and if your content is not world-class, then the client is left holding the bag without results.

So how do you create a program that checks both of the boxes - that is both engaging to prospects and delivers results for clients?

I see so many coaches, consultants and advisors make one of two big mistakes:

1. They give disorganized content on the delivery side. They dump all of their knowledge on the client in a way that just creates overload. The end result is a client that is overwhelmed and just ends up disengaging.

2. The give inconsistent content on the awareness and marketing side. They start with a weekly newsletter, that turns into a monthly newsletter, that turns into "remember when we used to do that newsletter"! Eventually they just sort of fade into the sunset!

There are basically three types of content every coach should organize and deliver with consistency:

Course Content - Content in your program that guides the client on the journey to results

Coaching Content - Content that helps them break through barriers as they move along

Continuity Content - Content that provides value to the "public" - clients and non-clients

In our 99-Days program, we spend time helping our clients create their Master Method, or defining their unique process for delivering results. Once finished, every step along this client journey provides content that can fall into any of the above-mentioned content types.

So whether you are a consultant, trainer, coach, advisor, or a business leader developing a powerful internal program for your people - map out your method, and mine for valuable content topics.....and deliver with consistency!

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