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The Value of an Ethos

So I’ve got a problem - and I am going to vent….about myself.

I am a big picture person. I see things in grand scale. For example, if someone were to ask me what I think we should do with the layout of a room, I typically don’t think about moving furniture, hanging up pictures or positioning flowers - as a more detail oriented person my do. No, I think about tearing down a wall, building an addition, or installing a skylight! I can’t help it….it is who I am….and it can be crippling at times.

It can be crippling because all big things are made of little things. We preach this all the time as part of our Unleashed Ethos in the 99DAYS program. The ethos consist of four basic principles that guide the culture and thinking inside the 99DAYS program in inside our team.

They are:

Invisible Barriers, Invisible Results

Big things, Little things

Some things, Every thing

Success has Signals

Big Things, Little Things is a simple but profound reminder that when big things get overwhelming, we have to take a step back and focus on the building blocks and tackle them one at a time.

Recently I let this slip out of my consciousness for a while and because of my inherent big-picture thinking style. We were working on the next revision of our 99DAYS Program and I lost hours trying to solve a problem with the new launch from the “top down” instead of from the “building blocks” up. It was only when one of my team members said to me “Big things…little things” that I finally snapped out of it - like on TV when you see people come out of hypnosis! Within minutes I began solving the problem starting with the foundations and then working my way up - and found the cause and the solution pretty quickly.

Now for many “detail oriented” folks, you may have the opposite problem. You may get bogged down in all the details and miss seeing the forrest through the trees - and that’s ok too. We need all types of thinkers in this world! Just remember - surround yourself with I diverse group of people committed an ethos that guides the collective thinking. It pays off!

What ethos guides your thinking?


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