• Kevin Shabaar Smith

Shortcuts NEVER Work....but these always do....

Shortcuts never work, do they? They never work. Shortcuts, always backfire.

This weekend, I had a bunch of shortcuts backfire on me.

I was painting a wall...

....and I know better. ...

I know you should put primer on the wall first, but I took a shortcut. This was this new kind of paint that has primer actually in it, so I thought "I really don't need a primer. It'll be fine. No worries."

....It wasn't fine. It wasn't fine at all. It didn't work out.

I decided I was going to help out around here and I was going to actually wash the floors. We have a house cleaner but with the whole COVID thing I figured I would help around the house here and help clean up. So I cleaned the floors....

hat I didn't do was dust first....and clean the counters first.

I skipped that part and just did the floors.

So guess what happened when the counters got clean and the dusting happened?

....it got the floors all dirty!....why?..... I took a shortcut. I didn't do first things first...


So then I decided that I was going to help a friend of mine move some furniture. Just a few things...should be really quick. It only take a second. So I throw on my flip flops and I go to help move furniture.....

....mistake. It didn't work out.

I should've taken the time to put on real shoes.

I ended up smacking my toe into the corner of a wall...pretty sure I broke it. I mean, incredible pain. Right? You guys know what I'm talking about.

If that weren't enough, I then went to the grocery store, no list....


I had to go back off course because I forgot stuff.

The shortcut didn't work out. I should've made the list.

There's shortcuts everywhere and shortcuts are the worst.

And I don't see in your personal life, I don't know what shortcuts you're taking.

But I do see the shortcuts that people are making when they're growing their coaching or consulting business. And what I see is people starting at step number three, skipping step number one and two.

Because let's face it, step number one, and step number two of anything in business, aren't never very sexy, right?

What is step one?

What should you do first?

The first thing you should do outside of defining who it is that you help, is create the core coaching framework for how you help them.

....create the framework....

.....a good framework....

.....a framework that helps untangle all the expertise and experience that whirling around in your head and transform them into a program, processes and your own intellectual property that add value to your business.

What course did you take?

What courses should you deliver?

What type of content should you put out?

What kind of group should you start?

All these questions are answered through the development of a framework takes...

...it takes care of that. But you have to create the framework first. If you don't have the framework, then that can't happen for you.

Without a framework, it's very, very difficult to build the authority that you're looking for.

And you want to be known as an authority in your particular niche, right?

You want to attract and convert good clients, right? A ofll that happens when you create a framework.

The best coaches an any industry all have a framework....

..... and they all come back to it. And you should have one to come back to as well.

Whenever you get distracted or lack clarity...simply go back to your framework.

It's kind of like the list at the grocery store. Why do you have it?

So you don't get distracted by a bunch of things. You come back to lists, you get what you need. I didn't do that this weekend, right?

So you don't spend money on stuff. You shouldn't spend money on. You go in, you get what you need and come back out...saving a bunch of time, saving a bunch of effort, saving a bunch of resources. That's what the list is for.

That's what the coaching framework is.

It's something your entire business is run around. Now, if you don't have a coaching framework, that's fine. A lot of people don't.

But remember this... 90 plus percent of not just coaching businesses, but all businesses... fail.


Because they get lost.

They get distracted.

They spend money on things that they shouldn't spend their money on.

They spend their time on things they shouldn't be spending their time on.

They spend their energy and resources on things they shouldn't be spending their energy and resources on.


Because they don't have that center mass. They don't have that thing they can always come back to and say, "Nope, this is what I have to focus on right now."

That is the value of building a coaching framework...

to act as a centerpiece of your business.

If you want to know how to create one one, know what it's all about. Go ahead and click the link here and go ahead and jump in The Coaches Roundtable.

I talked about frameworks in there all the time. I'd love to help you out. Go in there and say, hello, leave a message. And we'll get you squared away. We'll get you started in the right direction. I'll see you guys later. Take care of, Hey, no shortcuts. Have a good one.


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