• Kevin Shabaar Smith

Is Your Offer Irresistible?

Let's talk about why your offer probably isn't as good as it could be and how you could be leaving a bunch of revenue on the table!

I know for for some of you, you've created this "thing" - you've put a lot of time you've put a lot of energy in it.

You've created your website, you've created your landing pages and you're ready...

You put it out to the world and...

.... crickets.

For some of you your first reaction might be to lower your prices...maybe that will provide a quick influx of revenue...

Or maybe the problem is people aren't even getting that far...

They're not even getting to the point where they're seeing your thing that you want them to buy! They're not even seeing you value proposition!

Well it's usually happening for one or more of three reasons.

1. You're not really clear on what the "main thing" is.

If you're an entrepreneur there's a chance that you have maybe three or four or five or six different offerings out there and and none of them are working with excellence right we all have this kind of entrepreneurial mind where we think our clients would love this and our clients would love this and you know I have three different programs that you know all of that stuff and until you get you know one of them really dialed in you should focus so that's one of the reasons why I see people's offers really aren't as as as productive as they could be

2. You're not really clear on how people are getting to the offer.

maybe you created this great thing you created this great program you put it out there but there's no pathway right there's no no pathway of people to really get to your offer and therefore your offer isn't working so it's not really the quality of your offer in that case although it might be it really is the fact that people aren't even just getting there and

3. You're trying to add through subtraction.

If you're trying to add value to your offer by subtraction, you could be self-sabatoging yourself.

Always remember, we increase value through addition - not subtraction!

There's nothing wrong with offering a discount for your product, but you don't want to do it through the devaluation process. You want to make sure you if you're offering a discount, it's it's for a reason - not a reaction.

In other words if you're struggling for the month and you're not sure how you're gonna make your car payment or your mortgage and you're desperate to make money - don't think that you're just going to slash your prices and it's gonna work out!

In reality, it's gonna put you in a very, very bad place for the long term. So you don't want to do that. The key is to add enough to your offer that your pricing seems irresistible!

In our Freedom Frameworks™ Implementation Program, we go through a ton of this stuff, but there is enough information in this video to go back and evaluate your offer starting now!

Again, an offer is an irresistible invitation to take the next logical step towards your solution. So if you are a coach; if you're a consultant; if you're a service provider and you're looking to grow your business....

If you're looking to to create a coaching business that can scale....

Start your free trial for The Freedom Frameworks™ risk free!

Go ahead and click here - and we can start getting you squared away as early as today!

We'll go over how to create an offer, how to develop a solid coaching model, and I'll walk beside you as you design a solid marketing strategy for your coaching business!

Together, we'll also go over how to create the mechanics of a leveraged coaching business so you can start experiencing the freedom that you got into business to experience in the first place!

Talk soon.

Kevin Shabaar Smith


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