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How to Deliver the ONLY Thing Your Clients Really Want - And Will Happily Pay For.

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

If you've followed any of my stuff for a while - and quite frankly...you really should be - then you know how I feel about "online courses". I think they are the equivalent to a content landfill. Sorry, but it's true.... in todays' world...you need more. You need to bring your "A Game", your "Oprah Essence", "Your big guns".... well you get the gist.

I'd like to talk about why you need to have more than just an online course.

I talk a lot the importance of creating a coaching business model with a program that does three basic things:

1. You need to create a program that suits your strengths. Online courses are pretty one-dimensional and not really catered to any strengths. They're just "a thing" - like a lamp that people turn on when they need it - and otherwise just ignore it. You want a true program that's tailor-made for you, and is always working for your clients. Your program should be the light - not the lamp. Pow!

2. Your program must provide the ONE thing that your clients are willing - better yet, waiting - to pay a premium for! Without this ONE thing, you may as well just start writing two-star reviews for yourself! Of course I'm going to tell you what that one things is...patience grasshopper!

3. Finally, your program has to make sure your clients stay with you through the duration of their growth. You do NOT want to be the Motel 6 of coaching programs! (No offense, Motel 6)

So...... let's talk about how to create a model keeping these three things in mind. Here are the minimum components of a complete program. You'll notice that adding just a few of these components won't quite cut it.


Typically, when you start a program and you're introducing your expertise to potential clients - you create content....lot's and lot's of content. It's important to show yourself as an authority in your field give people an ideal of what you are about. But, to be quite honest, that is not THE THING clients pay for. Content is everywhere and easily accessible. Paying for content is like paying for a grain of sand while lounging around on the beach!


Adding context is essential if you want your clients to actual understand your content fits into their world. Content alone offers little else outside of confusion. It's overwhelming! You clients may hear your words, but don't really know what to do with it.

With content and context, they may feel more more informed - but here's the truth: that is not the THE THING that clients are really paying for either! After all, being informed in and of itself doesn't do too much. Knowledge is static until we learn how to how to think, apply, reflect and then reapply that knowledge.


Another thing many coaches do to spice up their program is build a community. This helps your clients apply what they learn to a certain extent because when you have a community of like-minded people, they feel support. But no.... that's not what your clients are paying for either!

A community or a tribe is great to have. it's important to have. It can be a lifesaver at times because it's nice to know other people are going through the same thing. But the problem is the other people are going through the same thing! So it's great, but in reality, you are providing comfort in in the common unknowing of something.


So then you add coaching - now your starting to cook with gas! Quality online programs add a coaching element to the mix. This is a stellar way of adding a layer of your expertise.

Now to be quite honest with you, people do pay for coaching all the time! And even coaches have coaches! I even have a coach!

But it's not the actual act of coaching that clients are paying for. Coaching is a means to an end- a very valuable means to an end. And it's something that many average "online courses" don't offer.

But it's not the end-game.

Coaching relationships are limited in time, scope and availability. And as valuable as the coaching component can be - it is not the thing clients are really paying for!


The one thing that your clients will pay for is a transformation - that's what your clients want. That's the thing that they're willing to pay top dollar for - transformation.

And let's face it, six weeks of "learning" anything won't transform too many people.

An online course is a temporary fix most of the time. It's a push of adrenaline in knowing that you're about to enter into a new level of awareness. But it's not transformative.

What you need to add is - continuity!

When you add two critical elements together - coaching and continuity, you provide an ongoing immersive process of growth. This is what makes you different in the eye of the client.

Let's face it, six weeks of "learning" anything won't transform too many people.

For example, If you want to learn a new language, you could pick some content and you can read it. Perhaps you could even join a an online group with others who are all learning the same language - and you'd probably learn quite a bit.....at least temporarily.

But we all know by now the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture surrounded by others speaking that language - for a significant period of time.

That's the fastest way to really pick it up.

The same that holds true with the problem that your clients are facing and want to transform out of.

So you want them to be immersed in the solution. You want them to be continually taking in the information they need to get the transformation that they want!

And that is the difference between an online course and a coaching program. A world-class program includes ALL of the essential components!

You want to create a transformative coaching program because that's what will get your clients world-class results they will happily pay for.

Okay so the next logical step is figuring out exactly how to do that! If you would like to learn more, check out my FREE Web Class where I go into the 9 Critical Steps for Designing a Coaching Business that Can Scale!

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