• Kevin Shabaar Smith

How To Create An Email Sequence For Your Coaching Program

So what is an email sequence?

Well if you're just staring out in the coaching business and hence....marketing for coaches...there is some research you have to do.

You've got to dig deep and find out what your ideal client's frustrations are (big or small).... and create something to help make their life a bit easier.

In the biz...we call this thing a lead magnet. Why? Well....it's how you attract quality leads and build your email list! Let me stress that a bit more...... build your email list!

Once you've created this lead magnet, you drive people to it's location and you have them opt-in by giving you their email address. For example, in this content, I am driving people to one of my lead magnets at the end. The Freedom Frameworks™ Masterclass.

But what happens then?? That is where the magic starts to happen.

See...once someone has engaged with your content, it's very important that you start to build the KLT bridge (Know...Like...Trust). You do this through a series of emails..... known as an email sequence.

So check out this video and see at what an email sequence is, and how you can create a powerful sequence that produces results! If you want to check out the email automation service, I use... you can grab a free trial to active campaign as well by clicking here.

NOTE: Yes, I am an affiliate partner..... but I am an affiliate partner because I use the product...as you can see in the video!


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