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Golden Rule #7 - Stay in Your Superpower

Could you imagine if Superman woke up out of bed got the emergency call and then said to himself

"You know what? I can't do this today. I can't save the world. I got a bunch of emails and admin stuff that I gotta get to. I'm gonna have to take a pass"

That wouldn't work out really well! But every day as a coach - when you get out of bed and you start focusing on administrative tasks and overhead tasks and things that

don't add value to your clients- you're doing the exact same thing!

And that brings us to Golden Rule #7 for building a coaching business that can scale.

Golden Rule #7 - Stay within your superpower!

Now, I know it's hard because there's always distractions. As soon as you roll out of bed and start to work, things start pulling you in a hundred different directions. And a lot of times at the end of the day, or at the end of the week - you look back and realize you didn't get a lot done or maybe you didn't work in your superpower at all!

At times it may even seem like you actually took two steps back in the week. And when that starts to happen week after week after week - what happens? Well, eventually you get burned out because you're not doing the things that give you energy. You're not doing the things that you really got into this whole entrepreneur thing for to begin with!

So I want to share with you three things to remember that will help you get past this "out-of-the-superpower-experience" that you might be feeling while growing your coaching business.

Number one - make appointments with yourself to do those things that you love to do and that make the biggest impact your business. The intersection of these two things is where you find your superpower! But you have to make an appointment! Think about the last time you made a doctor's appointment or an appointment with your accountant or your dentist. You didn't cancel at the last minute to finish up some emails or dive into some admin work! You value those people's time and you value the things that that they're going to deliver - and you don't want to run the risk of not being able to get that information.

But you value their time. But I see coaches all the time not giving themselves that same value. They'll cancel appointments with themselves in a second. So don't do that! Make an appointment with yourself put it on the calendar. Do this for those things that resides within your superpower - and don't cancel

Second, if there's something that needs to be done, and you don't know how to do it - if it's not in your superpower, don't waste time going to learn how to do! I see coaches all the time when I'm doing research online, and I'll see them asking about how to set up their their their messenger BOTS or how to integrate certain things into their website - and I just think to myself "you're a coach!" If it's out of your superpower - don't ask how your should do it - ask who. That activity belongs in someone else's superpower. Find out who can do it instead of you

Number three - let your pet projects go! Listen, we all have those things that that we really love to do, but don't make a huge impact on our business - and that is a time suck!

Remember your superpower is where there's something you love to do AND it makes an impact on your business!

I love to play around with new technology and gadgets, but it's not driving my business! We have to let type of things go - or set appointment times to do those things later.

Remember 80% of your time should be focused on those 20% of activities that really drive your business.

If you stay in those superpower activities, you're gonna go far - faster than you know it.

So this is what I'd like you to do:

Make a list make of everything that you do in a given day, or maybe even a given week.

Start crossing off the things that are not in your superpower and start asking yourself who can do those things - not how can I fit it in my schedule! Why is it so important to do this today?

Every day that you're not giving 100% into your superpower and making a huge impact is another day that the clients aren't getting 100% of you!

It's yet another day that your clients are waiting to get their results just a little bit faster, a little bit more efficiently, and a little more effective.

Ok, Superhero! Go win the week!!


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