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Golden Rule #6 For Building a Coaching Business that Can Scale

If you feel overwhelmed trying to deal with some of the stress that comes with operating in this vast online world...you are definitely not alone! This brings us to brings to Golden Rule #6 for building a coaching business that can scale. Getting more coaching clients, more free time while at the same time making a world class impact can be daunting!!! I often speak to clients like the one's in the 99-days Implementation program and Workroom Program who feel overwhelmed because there's just so many different options, so many different social media platforms, and so many different tools and gadgets and apps - they just feel so paralyzed. And after our conversations it just all comes back to basic marketing. Everything you do in regards to your marketing should be geared towards getting people to know, like and trust you and your program - that's it! If something comes up and you ask yourself - "is this going to help me get people to know, like, or trust me an my program" - and the answer is "I don't know" or "no" then take a pass right, get into It later and make sure you cover the foundations first - know like and trust.


Remember, we do the same things online as we do offline for our marketing we just have different tools to make that work. If you think about it, what do we do offline to get people to know us?

  • Take out advertisements

  • Attend networking events

  • Join industry groups

Well, in the online space what would you do?

  • Invest in ads on social media

  • Join online networking groups

  • Join Industry-related discussion forums

.... all of those same things - you just do them online! I THINK THEY LIKE ME!

In the offline world what do you do to get people to like you?

  • You establish the communication

  • You build a relationship

  • Help other people who can benefit from your expertise

In the online world, you can do the same exact thing

  • Open up the channel of communications whether it's through email or social media but open up those channels

  • Be active in online conversations

  • Help people out!


Finally what do you do to build trust in the offline world?

  • Let people see what you program looks like

  • A short trial of your service

  • Offer a Free workshop

Doing these these things give people an insight into how good you are - they build


So, what do you do in the online to build trust? The same things

  • Run a webinar

  • Provide trial access for longer coaching program

  • Provide some free tools, templates and actionable content

However you do it, the concept is still the same. You're building trust!

So remember always - marketing is marketing... is a marketing - It is all about know, like, and trust. We are now able to accomplish it much faster. That's all we're doing and if you’re getting bombarded with a bunch of stuff and you don't know whether you should use it or not - remember, if it's not doing one of those three things, then you can afford to take a pass. Take a deep breath and get back to the basics! If you would like a quick framework that lays out what you really need to scale your coaching business, get more clients and create more free time, download our FREE 99-Days to Freedom Roadmap for Coaches! You can do that here: https://www.99-days.com/99-days-roadmap View the other Golden Rules of Building a Coaching Business that Can Scale: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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All the best!


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