• Kevin Shabaar Smith

Golden Rule 1 for Building a Coaching Business That Can Scale

I want to talk to you about the first golden rule of growing your coaching business and it happens to be the same rule that applies in most things in life and in business and that is keep it simple!

So let’s take a look at your coaching program and see how we can apply this rule...

First - keep your buyers journey funnel simple. If you have ten steps - or ten different pages that potential clients has to go through in order to finally get to your offer, then your funnel is probably too complicated.

If you have a thousand different moving parts in order to make the things happen then your funnel is probably too complex remember we're trying to leverage - and the more things that we have involved the less opportunity we have to leverage our business.

We're trying to do more with less - that's how we find freedom

Second, you want to simplify your communication process if you're struggling to create enough content to share over every social media platform and it's just getting overwhelming, then you have to simplify.

Keep your communication simple. Whenever possible reuse, reformat, and recycle your content for different audiences so that you're not constantly creating something.

Finally, and probably the most important thing that I can tell you is that you have to simplify your offer! Simplify your offer. Keep it simple. Work with it until you find a level of comfort. If you can go to your mother or your grandmother and tell them what you offer your clients and they understand it - then you know you're doing something right!

If they look at you that like they have no idea what you’re talking about - your offer is probably a bit too complicated!

I see a lot of people doing this thing where you buy something for $7 and then it is upsold to a $10 buy, then then $49 buy and then BAM they hit you with the offer! Ugh!

It doesn't have to be that complicated. Keep it simple!

This is the number one golden rule of building a coaching business that you can scale - Keep it simple!

Take care!


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