• Kevin Shabaar Smith

Flavor of the Month Accountability

Establishing accountability is difficult - whether you are a "solopreneur" or you have employees working for you.

It is especially difficult building an accountability system that actually provides a return on investment, right?  I mean you have a lot going on, and ineffective meetings are often just wasted overhead dollars! 

But you have a vision and goal that is renting space in your mind, and you want to see it play out "on the field" - but where to start?

One of the mistakes I see in our 99-Days Performance Program is that many business owners make is that they are just inconsistent with their accountability.

Armed with the best of intentions, they struggle as weekly "accountability meetings" transform into monthly "update sessions", and before they know it, any consistency they had established has disappeared. The system they created for driving performance ultimately gets relegated to "another attempt at another fad".

No one wants to be part of the "flavor of the month" club.

If you want to establish a killer accountability system, the foundation is consistency.  

Consistency in occurrence - Same day, same time Consistency in content - Same agenda with standard topics Consistency in cadence - Same structure, same speed

Remember:  "It's not what you do once in a while that will shape your business, it' what you do consistently."

Accountability communication should not be intermingled with other parts of your performance system.  The goal of a well crafted accountability session is simple - to determine if what was promised was actually delivered - and if not, what obstacle must be removed.  Period.

Some entrepreneurs allow accountability sessions (call them what you want) to turn into excuse sessions, complaint sessions, or "let me explain sessions".   That is for another time and place. 

Stay focused.

When people know exactly what is going to be asked, exactly what the answer choices are, and exactly what they need to bring to the table....things start to hum along. 

Remember, accelerated performance is about reducing friction between you and the objective. 

Establishing a cadence of accountability - a rhythm of communication and accountability - is the foundation for steady achievement.

Stay focused and win the week.

Kevin S Smith

CEO, Leaderstone

Creator of the 99-Days Performance Program

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