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So What Exactly Do You Do??

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

If you're a coach or consultant and and anyone's ever asked you "what exactly is it you do?" ....and you've either stumbled, got paralyzed, or found yourself in a five minute diatribe trying to really articulate what it is that you do and who you help - it's probably because you haven't really polished up your positioning statement yet!

But once you do polish this up... everything else becomes easier. As a coach you have to be able to articulate what it is that you do, who you help, and how you help them.

So I want to help you figure that out today. so let's dive right in and get your positioning statement dialed in.

In order to do that we have four components that we need to look at. Once you get these four components dialed in, your position statement will come together quickly. It will eventually become the Sun around which everything else revolves - and It'll open up a whole world of clarity!

First, you want to focus on four major components.

First you want to define your niche. If you don't have a defined niche yet, get as close as you can. Sometimes niches are best figured out as time goes on. As you start to work with clients you'll start to realize the kind of people you really like to work with. You will figure out the ones that really give you a whole bunch of energy, and eventually begin to dial in on your niche. But for now just think about a type of person you want to work with - you can always adjust later.

Next, think about the problem those folks have, the solution that you're bringing to the table, and the ultimate outcome that they're going to see as a result of working together.

One variation of a positioning statement can be very simple.

"I work with A who want B and if you're ready to Y, I will Z!

Okay so let's look at an example using my positioning statement:

I work with coaches and consultants who want more income, free time and impact from their coaching business (niche) without all the overwhelm that goes along with it (problem). I continue from there.... if you're if you're looking to build a coaching business that can scale (the solution), I will help you design, deliver, and grow a world-class program that will provide the freedom you're looking (the outcome/promise).


Does yours have to be in this exact format? NOPE.... but you should include all four of these elements.

Now, a lot of people think that you should get this all in one sentence and that's okay, but don't try to cram it all in so it sounds way to "extra".

So if you're going do this in one sentence, focus on the niche and the problem first because it's about them first - then it's about you.

For example: "I work with coaches and consultants who want more income, free time, and impact from their coaching business without all the overwhelm.

That should be enough for them to ask for more. You can always continue the conversation if you feel there is interest - or if they ask.

For example, they say:

"Oh, that's interesting, how exactly do you do that??"

I say:

I help design, deliver, and grow world-class programs that can actually scale and provide you the freedom coaches are looking for.

NOTE: Of course if you are speaking to your potential client, you would tell them you can help THEM.

Finally, you just practice. Repeat it over and over and over and over again. It will eventually and it just becomes part of your dialogue. And really, once you understand this and you adopt it, it really becomes a centerpiece for all your business communication - whether it's through blogs, social media, email...you name it. It becomes the centerpiece.

Okay! So no more of this stuff where people ask you what you do and you hesitate, right?!

Whether you're a fitness coach, a business coach, a nutritional coach, a life coach, a mindset coach, or any other type of coach or consultant - it's about what you do, what problem you solve, who you help, and what it's going to look like for them on the other side.

That's your positioning statement and I would encourage you just to take a couple minutes and write one down. Don't worry about it being perfect. Polish it up later, but put pencil to paper. #DoTheThing.

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