• Kevin Shabaar Smith

Do you have a defined Ethos?

Have you ever struggled getting your team members on the same page in regards to culture and mindset? Do you ever feel like even you are not on the same page with yourself from day to day? Perhaps it is time you take some time and define what we call a Performance Ethos.

The term ethos simply means the set of guiding ideas and beliefs that characterize your team or community. A defined ethos gives credibility to a common way of thinking - it gives your group a defined “character” that to rely on - that they can always fall back on.

One of the first things we cover with our community in the 99-DAYS Accelerated Performance Program is what we call our Unchained Ethos. This ethos outlines our culture, our mindset - it is the way we choose to look at our work and challenges. It is simple, but very effective. Here is an outline of the key mantras reflecting our community’s ethos:

The 99-DAYS Ethos

  • All big things are made of little things.

  • The way we do some things is the way we do everything

  • The sequence of success always has signals

  • Invisible results are often caused by invisible barriers

So, why is developing an ethos important? Why do we not only go through the the effort of introducing people to our ethos, but also the process of creating their own? Well, having a defined ethos has distinct advantages.

Think of it like “bumbers” of thought

If you are reading this - you are human (I know, I’m brilliant!). But all humans give way to unproductive mindsets - or limiting beliefs at times. It happens, and when it does you can easily find yourself way off track struggling to get back into the good graces of the high-performing thought process. This can happen often when you run into challenges that you have not seen before. It is during these times you are most likely to let doubt and fear start driving the bus.

When an ethos of thought exists, it provides a road map for thinking that can keep you on track and in the right mental space. It provides a framework for thought and problem solving. When you are looking for accelerated performance, this can save a lot of time because you spend less time pounding your head against the wall and more time using an existing perspective and framework for problem solving.

It Creates a spirit of community

Creating an ethos within your business creates yet another “thing” that people can rally around - something that is bigger than any one person. Think of it like a “club” whose members share a secret - a secret to their combined success!

Even if you are a “one person show”, having a defined ethos allows others to work with you more easily. The ethos provides others with insight into your thought process and your philosophy on taking on challenges and opportunities.

Builds Credibility

When something works, you stick with it, you leverage it, you make it “the way you do things”. When someone new enters your business or community and understands there is an established ethos - they have confidence that the “system” works. This saves a ton of time in acclimation and culture-building because you don’t have to try to “convince” people that the culture works - it is understood.

So….start thinking about how you want to think, and start building your foundation - your ethos.

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