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Do The Thing

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I want to talk to you today about something very simple.

Maybe not easy an application - but a simple concept.

It came up today as I was talking to a client of mine - a friend of mine ( who is also a client of mine) who's very successful in the offline space - in the brick and mortar space.

She's now considering moving to the online coaching space to get some leverage and a bit more freedom from her coaching practice.

It was very interesting how this conversation just kind of laid itself out - and I want to share it with you because it was fantastic!

It just brings clarity to this single issue that's often a bottleneck for a lot of coaches trying to grow their business in this online space.

So we're talking about marketing for coaches, the successes she's had in the offline space, and the challenges she might face in the online coaching world.

Finally our conversation came to a point where it was time to discuss next steps - what we needed to do to get her moving forward in this brand new arena.

We batted around some ideas and ultimately I told her I have a 14-day free trial to my program and she was welcome to take a couple modules and see what the whole online coaching and marketing thing's all about.

She could see how to set up her model and then figure out what she wanted to do from there. At least that would give her an idea of what some of it was about and get her feet wet in the space!

Her response was was so ripe for discussion that I had to jump on here and share it with you!

Her response was "

"Kevin I don't know about all the technology that's involved, and the whole Facebook thing, and the the the videos, and the website, and sales funnels.....I don't know about any of that stuff. I just don't know I don't know if if I'm ready for your program"

What a perfect answer to open up a discussion, right??!!

What she was saying is something that we all think from time to time. I mean, I can't even tell you how many times that same process has played out in my mind - and I know it's happened to you as well.

What she was saying was:

"I don't know how to do the thing - so I can't do the thing"

... and here's the thing....you should never let the "how" get in the way of doing the "what".

As a matter of fact, I want to present this idea to you....

You'll very seldom know the "how" until you decide the "what" because the "how" usually doesn't show itself to you until it's relevant

I bought a car not too long ago - a brand new car. And of course, I had seen a couple of of the same model around on the road before I bought it. It was Honda Pilot.

I had seen a few of them around, test drove one, and eventually bought this car. I loved it. It was a good fit for me. I have a huge dog - 160 pounds! So beside my two teenage boys, I needed a big vehicle to to take her around - to take her to vet appointments, and take her to the park, etc and I can't do it in my in my small car. So it was perfect.

So I bought the car. And the very next day I looked around and I swear everybody on the planet was driving a Honda Pilot! They were everywhere!

Now truth be told, not everybody was really driving a Honda Pilot of course, but since it became relevant to me, I started seeing them everywhere. Everywhere I looked it seemed there was a Honda Pilot!

The same thing holds true with with whatever it is that you need to do - but don't know how.

The reason why the "how" isn't right in front of your face is because you haven't yet made the decision that you're going to do the "what".

Once you make the decision to do it, all of the relevant information you need will roll itself out to you. The "how" is simply less important at the moment before decision.

Ask any entrepreneur you know if their journey to success went "how" they planned it. The answer will be NO!

It never never happens. It never happens how it's "supposed" to happen!

So don't worry about the "how". You have to decide. You have to make the decision - and once you make the decision everything else will roll itself out to in one way or another.

I'm not saying it's gonna be easy but the "hows" will start to lay themselves out in front of you. That's why it's so important.

John Maxwell said this a long long time ago and I'll never forget when he said it. He said

"Society has taught us something that is incorrect. Society has taught us that knowledge is power and knowledge is not knowledge is not power. Only applied knowledge is power!

You may have heard me talk about online courses and how they'll never get you anywhere that you want to go. If you're a coach and you you have an online course instead of a full program to help your clients - you're barking up the wrong tree!

What you're providing is knowledge transfer - and clients are looking for transformation.

This is why only 20% of people that go through a online course even complete the thing - much less implement what they need!

Knowledge is not power.

Only applied knowledge is power.

You have to do the thing.

The performance gap isn't a matter of what you know now and what you need to know.

That isn't the performance gap. The performance gap is the gap between what you know and what you do!

I know for a fact that right at this very moment, you can list at least two or three things you could be doing in you business to make it better - but aren't doing.

Maybe because your waiting for the "how" to unfold.

Maybe because there's doubt, fear, or insecurity as to whether you can do it.

But for whatever reason, it's not happening - that's the performance gap.

We have this saying that we use all the time in our program - "Do The Thing"

Even if you have to do it ugly - just do the thing.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "do the thing and have the power, but those who do the thing not will not have the power".

Why? Because if you do something, and you do it ugly and it fails - well, now you have something to fix! You have a result you can look at and see what didn't work and you can start to make it better.

You can bring a result back to your mastermind group or other people that are in your inner circle and say "I did this, and got this" so they can chime in and help.

But what happens if you don't do the thing? What happens?

If you don't do the thing, you have zero power. You have zero results . You have nothing to show anybody.

All you have is an opportunity cost that is lost because you spent some time doing this when you should have been doing that - right!?

So you have to do the thing to have the power.

I know this likely resonates with you my friend. And if there's something that you want to do you, something you want to drive forward - but something's holding you back - whether it's doubt, fear, insecurity or whatever else - just do the thing,

Take a step

Success is a sequence. I say that all the time. Success is a sequence. It's not an event. It's not something that happens when all of a sudden you open a door and there it is!

NO! It's a sequence - it's a series of events. A series of steps.

I believe it was Rachel Hollis the other day said something that really resonated with me. She said "if you want something in your, life then you have to do something in your life"

Do the thing.

Whatever it is, decide and then take a step.

And if your thing isn't about being a coach; if it's something else - then write down the thing that's holding you back - you know what it is.

There's likely a voice in your head whispering it! That's your intuition telling you what that thing is.

And if not doing that thing is standing between you and being the person you want to be, or having the business you want to have - do the thing.

Oh, and if you feel like you're not quite ready - do it anyways

Do it ugly. At least you'll have a result to fix!

Okay, so I don't know who needed to hear this but I know somebody did.

If it's you that needed to hear it, I need to hear from you either in the comments below or click on the link and get in the 2 weeks program. At least you'll get a couple coaching calls with me under your belt!

II hope all of you got a message today. I hope those of you who really needed it - and you know who you are - I hope that you take action and do the thing.

In the meantime I'll see you really soon.

Take care,

Kevin Shabaar Smith

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