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DEMO - How to Create a System that Sells

Today I want to show you how to get your expertise from your brain into your bank account using your own unique master method in your coaching program. And I want to show you under the hood on our program and exactly how we developed our own master method for the 99 days program!

So, what are the key steps to getting this done? Well, first of all you have to define what problem you solve. In other words... why are your soon-to-be clients hiring you? What problem do they have?

You want to be crystal clear on who your ideal client is and what problem they have

Next, you want to define exactly what you're bringing to the table to solve their problem. In other words - what is your solution to their problem?

For example, in the 99 days program we help coaches who want more freedom. To our clients, that means more free time, more income, and the ability to make a greater impact on their clients.

So what is our solution? We help them build a coaching business that can scale. So you need to define for yourself what problem your clients have and what solution you're bringing to the table.

Finally you need to define the steps that you're gonna take them on as they make the journey from their problem to your solution! Check out the video to see exactly what we did to create our Master Method for The 99 Days to Freedom for Coaches and Consultants Program!

And if you want to see each step along the journey and what you need to do to build a coaching business that can scale....just check out my updated ebook! Click here to download your FREE copy!


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