Hey there! My name is Kevin Smith

I have been a consultant, coach and CEO for over a decade and now I am utilizing everything I have learned to help other coaches who want to build a profitable, world-class coaching business. If you're ready, I want to help you too!!!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a big fan of touting educational credentials.  I truly believe with all my heart and soul that the ability to help others comes from empathy, understanding, experience and reflection.  When we take all of that and structure it in a way that others can tap into - we wind up with something that no certificate or degree can express.  However, I do appreciate how credentials begin to build the bridge of trust....so here are some of mine.....


M.B.A. - Penn State University

B.A. - Business Finance

B.A - Business Management
A.S.A - Information Systems

Certified Human Capital Strategist

Certified John C. Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Executive Coach

Certified Senior Professional of Human Resources

Certified Myers-Briggs Administrator

Certified Lean Operations Champion

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

I am so glad you are taking time to get to know me! Thanks! 

But no matter how grateful I am that you have taken an interest, I want you to start getting the results your looking for!  So why not just grab a copy of the short ebook I put together for you and start making your plan!


 When you're broke, you do what you need to do…..especially when you're dirt broke!  


My name is Kevin Smith. I have been a consultant and business coach for over a decade now. I live on shores of Lake Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania.  Not too long ago, I was dirt broke.  


I was so broke when I started my business, I couldn’t even afford a coat to fit over my only suit in the winter. I remember it hitting me hard one day as I walked into a business meeting in the middle of December. When the receptionist asked if I had a jacket that she could take for me, to avoid embarrassment I had to tell her I just spilled coffee on it so I left it in the car - which makes no sense, I realize.  But yes…I was THAT broke.


I was embarrassed and didn’t want anyone to know. I touted myself as a “business guru” and couldn’t possibly let anyone know my business wasn’t working. I was transitioning from management to entrepreneurship - and it just wasn't working.  At any given time, I would have no more than $100 in my checking account.


I had read every book, studied every program and watched every video I could get my hands on - but I still wasn’t seeing the results I wanted from my business. As a single father with two little children....this was not really sustainable!


One day I was on a conference call with a very successful coach and multi-million dollar author of leadership books who agreed to help me get things straightened out. He listened to what I wanted for my business and for my life. And after about 45 minutes, he recommended this program that was producing great results for other coaches and consultants. At the time, I hadn’t really seen anything like it. It was specifically tailored for coaches and geared to growing a coaching business in a short period of time. It was exactly what I was looking for, so I borrowed money from my mother (ugh! That's right, I said it!), and dove right in.


For some reason, I remember starting the program on August 22nd of the very next year. After about six months, I had not really seen any additional revenue. To be honest I was a bit disappointed. But shortly thereafter, I started to bring on more clients. After about 8 months, I had doubled my revenue from the previous year. After the following year, I had doubled my revenue again. This was really the first time I had ever seen potential for obtaining the freedom I really wanted. I never looked back.


The reason the program worked was simple: I was working less. I was no longer working 60, 70, 80 hours a week. I was working a fraction of the time I was working before, I was just working on the exact right things! I even stopped working on Fridays altogether! Working less wasn't a result of the success.... it was the REASON for the success. I knew right away I had to incorporate this into my work for my clients!


How can you work less and still make more money?


I had always equated hours with income. But it turns out the secret is not the amount of hours you work. It is building a coaching program that can scale. It's about having laser-like focus on who you serve, and how. It is about changing from a one-to-one coaching model to a hybrid model that includes leveraged group coaching. It is about building intellectual property and using technology to add even more value to clients, while at the same allowing yourself to only work on things that give you energy and make the greatest impact. It is about marketing smart and selling easy.


Quite simply, it was about learning to do more by working less.


And its great for your clients. They are able to build a community and learn and grow with each other - while you serve everyone at a world-class level.


Up until now, this type of program has never really been offered outside of private “inner-circle” type scenarios. It was one of those things the top 3-5% of successful coaches kept among themselves in small mastermind groups….and so now I’m brining it out in the open.


There are other benefits as well from learning what I have learned ...


  • Your program will market itself - no need to search the corners of the earth for marketing materials

  • You are free from the social media vortex - so you can stop beating yourself up trying to be everywhere, all the time!

  • You will have an easy method to build authority in your industry - fast!

  • You will start to leverage your program so you can really get more with less

  • You will keep customers longer as you take them along different stages on their journey

  • You will have the structure needed to build a team - and increase the freedom in your world

  • Business performance will increase as you use the 99 Days to Freedom™ system for increased performance

  • You will have a sustainable system for reaching your objectives year after year.


But here’s the best part ... 


Once you start building your coaching business the right way, you will find yourself with more freedom, more income, and more free time - without working any harder!


Let’s face it. We all have “desired lifestyles".  But our business is often the very thing that forces us to change expectations and settle for less!


And that’s why so many coaches fail! They sacrifice their freedom and the lifestyle they want to build their business - instead of building their business in a way that delivers the freedom and lifestyle they want. But it doesn't have to be that way.

When you put a good system to work, everything changes.  You win...and your clients win.


Here is what some of my clients have said about working with me since I have made this transformation:


"Yes, you are definitely "something different" - in a "good way". You could have just given us the information, but you didn't. You poured into us, invested in us, gave us tools to be successful and most importantly did everything in your power to educate us with the knowledge given in the “classroom”, the access to your website and to you through email.  In my experience, people that share things like open mindedness, humility, not getting comfortable, taking responsibility...have usually gone through some pretty hard things that brought them to a point of surrender of themselves, old mindsets, etc. I get it that this is your profession and possibly you have just learned these ideas along the way,  but you don't usually see a heart that is willing to give it all away without the experience."

- Angie S.


"Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm toward helping me understand a new standard. Also, for a new curiosity that has disappeared over the years from lack of our ability to put into the system what is necessary to get good out of it. I believe that I learned things in a new way that I thought of differently. Thank you again,"

- Joan D


"Through Kevin's innovative and divergent thinking, a business coaching model was piloted throughout Pennsylvania to assist practitioners with strengthening business practices in coaching. Positive feedback concerning this continues to be shared between the Mentors!" 

- Elana C.


"You truly are a standout teacher because of your sheer dedication to your field. Especially when going over the processes, you always made extra sure that everyone understood the material. Being able to ask any question for clarification really shows how much you care about the success of your members. Thank you for a great program, I really appreciate what you do."

- Crystal G


And then there’s me....


I had a follow up call with my mentor, who was checking up on my progress. I will never forget, I shared my successes and thanked him for all his help. I remember that I began preparing red beans and rice for dinner as we were starting our conversation. I had just gotten so used to eating “on the cheap” because I had very little money. So whenever I had to fend for myself at home, I always reached for the "go-to", cheap meal. He asked me what I was up to that evening, and I told him what I was making "red beans and rice" for dinner, like I usually do! (looking back in embarrassment)


He said “you know you can eat something else now that you are experiencing success. You don't always have to eat cheap now!”. I had not really thought too much about it until I heard those words - holding a dishtowel in one hand and a can of beans in the other. I threw them both down and have never eaten that dish since!!!!


Now, I don't know if you eat red beans and rice or not... I don't judge.  But this is what I do know -  I know that I want to provide to you the same opportunity that was provided for me.  I wan't to be the person you can count on to give you direction....perhaps the direction that changes everything for you.


Give me a call and let's talk about your coaching business! You can do that here, right now.


I look forward to speaking with you! 

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